Privacy and Protection of Information

As outlined in the Guidance Notes, the FIU promptly acknowledges receipt of the report then forwards it to trained Financial Investigators who alone will have access to it. The Financial Investigators may seek further information from the reporting institution and elsewhere. Discreet inquiries are made by the FIU to confirm the basis of the suspicion but the customer is never approached. The FIU will keep the reporting institution informed of the interim and final result of the investigation.

The FIU ensures that the information it is mandated to receive and hold is protected from unauthorized use and disclosure; employees are liable for the offence of “tipping off” under the POCA if information obtained as a result of their employment is disclosed. The FIU Act also sets out severe penalties for unauthorized use and disclosure of information. Additionally, information related to SARs is not disclosed outside the FIU without prior approval of Director.